Fitness Bingo

Fitness Bingo

In my experience, when teaching ‘fitness’ within physical education, I find that pupils engage further when the format is a mix of competitive and a non-competitive/inclusive environment.

In order to mix in a competitive element to fitness, I incorporate ‘fitness bingo’ into my scheme of work. I find that it works well with all year groups as it is easily adapted for ability.

How it works:

In groups, pupils should aim to be the first group out of the class to complete their bingo card.
All members of the group must complete each activity before it can be crossed off. One pupil at a time will run into the middle to retrieve an activity card (white paper) and bring it back to the group. Then another pupil will run into the middle to retrieve a number card (time or quantity depending on activity) and bring it back to the group. If they have ‘jumping jacks’ and ’30’ then they will do 30 jumping jacks.  Once they complete their activity a different pupil will give back the cards (still face down in the middle) and retrieve one new activity and one new number card. A group may end up repeating activities which can be very interesting due to the volume of groups completing activities under pressure and speed and also due to the cards being face down for the random element.

When a group has completed their full bingo card, they shout ‘HOUSE’ and rest until the other groups finish too. (You could have all groups stop depending on time? You could provide rewards such as merits/vivo’s or eternal bragging rights!)

  • Split your class into groups.. the more the better (and longer it takes) I use groups of 5/6 usually!
  • Give pupils a designated space. For instance, in a sports hall, space groups around the edges (like north,south,east, west) it’s important that you don’t have any groups in the ‘middle’ of the space.
  • In the middle, put the cards face down all mixed up. I print the ‘number’ cards on different coloured paper so it is easier for them to identify without giving away advantages.
  • Each group should have their own bingo card (I laminate them to use whiteboard pen in order for them to be re-used)
  • Music and gymnastic mats (for floor exercises) work very well in building morale.

The activities can easily be adapted to suit different abilities, if you have any questions then tweet me: @thepediary

Find a downloadable copy ‘here’.

Let me know how you get on, I love to hear your experiences.
Twitter: @thepediary



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